How Can Astrology Help in Business Success?

Predicting business success is possible with Vedic astrology. There are two aspects: first is application of astrology principles to the business, as a unique entity. The second is the analysis of birth chart of an individual for determining success in his business.

Predicting Success or Loss Using Chart of Business:

Vedic astrology uses birth chart of individuals for prediction. Therefore, a birth chart can be created also for a business for the time of its birth or start of operation.

In case of horoscope of a business, the natal chart is prepared for time and place when its doors are open for its business. This is easy for brick and mortar businesses. But nowadays businesses also exist virtually: the online e-commerce

In case of an online business, the time and place of the first order is used for creating a natal chart. The time when the order is placed, and the place where you operate the computer are utilized.

In case of an online business, the time and place of the first order is vital. One can arrange this time and place beforehand for an auspicious start for the business. This can be done using special Vedic technique called as ‘Muhurtha’ (auspicious time).

Creating a natal chart and predicting success and fortune for a business is just like that for a person. It is good if naturally beneficial planets such as Venus and Jupiter have strong presence in the chart. The strongest positions are in the 10th, 7th, 4th and 1st houses.

It is also important that a planet which stands for a particular nature of business should also be strong. For instance, if a business is in the area of information and data, the planet mercury is important. Venus must be strong for a business that deals with luxury products or art. Jupiter must be strong for a promotional or advertising business. But Saturn is a planet for delay and hardship.

Individual Chart:If there is a positive planetary period in the astrology chart or horoscope of a person, enhanced by a beneficial planetary transit, it indicates a time to move forward and embrace business success. But if there are malefic impacts of planets like Saturn, you will know to make preparations beforehand. For instance, you can use astrologicallybeneficialproducts like making cash box online purchase india. Something as ubiquitous as a cash box can augur good luck for you if you buy astrologically complementary ones.

These are some aspects of astrology determining business success.


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